The Dark Side of Faith

When setbacks come in life, we often struggle to find answers and inner strength.  Learn here how one man faced tremendous loss, but found the answers and the source of strength that you need when you are facing adversity.

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Overview of Dark Side of Faith

“I was numb.  It was like a dream.  I hung up the phone and stared out the front store window at two police officers walking across the street.  A dispatcher had just informed me on the phone that they were coming.  She also informed me that my wife, Barbara, and my youngest daughter, Joanna, had been in a serious car accident.  The reality of what had happened hit me before the officers actually told me that they were gone.”  So begins The Dark Side of Faith.

Follow Pastor Doug as he faces this tragedy and shares his unflinching look at both the causes and the eternal purposes for earthly pain.  Learn how you too can overcome any setback and find a way to acceptance and inner peace.   Don’t get derailed by the inevitable disappointments in life: and – above all – don’t waste your pain.

About The Author

Doug Bergsma

Doug serves as the lead pastor of Resurrection Life Church in Rockford, Michigan.  Previously, he served as a worship pastor, Bible teacher, and in various ministry roles in missions, international crusades, and worship recording projects.  Doug’s weekly sermon podcasts are viewed by thousands of people throughout the country.  He is happily married to his wife, Caryn, and is the proud father of four sons and two daughters.

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